Florida Miracle Cleaner
Who We Are

Who We Are

Hello, we are The Florida Miracle Cleaners, a new cleaning service located in the city of Orlando. We are a 100% woman-owned, family-owned company. We’re excited to bring our services to those who need an extra hand. Our family has come together, each incorporating our individual skills, and we strongly believe in providing the best cleaning service possible. We look forward to making your home a clean and happy home.


We are insured and bonded to hiring only the best and most trusted professionals to service your cleaning space.


We make our cleaning service process as detailed and easy as possible. After your appointment is booked and confirmed, we will bring all of our supplies to you. We also provide an option to add on various tasks to any of our service packages or special request you may have that will make your experience the best possible.


We are a committed company that puts our customers first. With our dedication to consistent quality work, we can assure you that our team gets the job done right every time.

Happy Home

Professional quality cleaning with a personal touch.

Who We Are

Our Services

Our special services for you.

Basic cleaning

We provide basic cleaning for homes that just need to freshen up.

Deep cleaning

We offer deep cleaning for homes that might need extra care to feel like home again.

Final interior cleaning after construction/renovation

If you constructed/renovated your home we help you with a final cleaning to bring your vision to life.


We help eliminate time from your busy schedule by ironing your business shirts, blouses, skirts, pants or trousers, as well as blue jeans and casual clothes. *no dry cleaning items or special care materials*

Business cleaning

We give basic or deep cleaning to companies that may need a one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-week, or monthly service.

After event cleaning

We take the stress out of having to clean after a special event.

Move out cleaning

We take the pressure out of moving inn or out of your home by offering our cleaning experience.

Got dirt? We got clean!

We do it all, and we do it well.


Our Prices

Discounts on Bi-weekly $15% and Monthly $10%

Basic Cleaning

Based under 4,000 sq ft
1 bedroom apt or studio


2 bedroom home, townhome


3 Bedroom home, apt or townhome


4 bedroom home


5 bedroom home


6 bedroom home



Deep clean


Move out cleaning


Inside cabinet cleaning


Inside fridge cleaning


Inside oven cleaning


Clean interior windows


Clean floor to ceiling windows


One hour of organizing


Clean balcony


Clean terrace/patio


One load of laundry


Sweep garage


Wash dishes by hand


Eco- friendly products


Additional Master bath size bathroom


Additional Standard size bathroom


Additional Half bath size bathroom


Ironing Service

Business shirts and blouses

$1.15 per item

Skirt, pants or trousers

$3.00 per item

Blue jeans and casual clothes

$1- 2.50 per item

Professional green office/house cleaning and eco-maid service.

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